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Orisha Dance Class-Adult and Children

Meditative and healing; dance class facilitates traditional Orisha movement for all abilities.  The concept of "levels" is replaced with emergent instruction that embraces different abilities and adapts movement to the individual.  

Orisha song Class

Powerful and beautiful songs that honor and acknowledge ancient Africanized essence; in the waters, winds, thunder, forests,  and much more.

School Residencies/Workshops/Assemblies

Mark Lilly-Ifeoluwa, a specialist in Afro-Cuban music and dance, has worked with various schools including, Hamilton International Middle School, Tyee Middle School, John Standford, Kimbal and North Beach Elementary Schools; Seattle Central Community College, Seattle University and University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire(with professor Tess Onwueme).  Mark also heads the dance company Bembe Olele which he founded n 1993.  With a background in special education, Mr. Lilly is highly capable of conducting inclusive instruction.   In conjunction with certificated teachers, Mark created an Afro-Cuban curriculum that meets Washington State K–12 Learning Standards. Mr. Lilly has received funding from:

Washington State Arts Commission

National Geographic Education Foundation

NEA Innovations Grants

Jack Straw Foundation

Banff Center for the Arts

Stanford University

La Rumba Dance Class

Mark teaches Yambu and Guaguanco with and emphasis on the "Big 3"

  1. Quidao por la clave (dancing correctly with clave)
  2. Body position/proximity- parallel, hinge position, lateral movement (not vertical)
  3. Development of unique style based on ability and "dance persona".





What People Are Saying

Ihave to say that was the best, most meaningful, most accessible to its actual audience (middleschool kids) MLK assembly I have ever attended. By far.  I went to the3rd session, and I noticed that the students were listening and payingattention!   The student speakers were awesome.  Your address was impressive - potent and to the point, written like itwas by someone who knows how to get kids to listen. 
- Chris

I love Mark's classes, he's a great teacher for all levels and is a wealth of knowledge in the community. .

- Stephanie