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We are but infinitesimal drops of water in an ocean of humanity; a single drop will not cause a tsunami, but it will create ripples. And these ripples spread. Mark Lilly has been creating subtle ripples in our community for more than 22 years.
— Tica Suarez


Mark Lilly-Ifeoluwa and the Remedy's debut EP of the same title, is a conversation, a transmission of my history and insights. My intention is to cut through the noise of the daily “rat race” and compel the listener to take pause. When I hear one of my favorite songs like Van Morrison’s “Linden Arden Stole the Highlights”; it doesn't matter what I am doing or thinking, my attention is immediately focused on what I am hearing and is a sensual experience. I hope to give this same respite to the listener.  

I will be utilizing the finest musicians in the Northwest to help create one of the most thoughtful works of music available! Matt Williams on Guitar has been with my group for two years and is one of Seattle's up and coming musicians. The Remedy is rounded out with: Jake Sele - Piano/keyboards, Nick Lonien - Bass  and Mark Pendolino - Drums. 

I want to take the time and energy to bring to reality a portrait of my life.

I want people to hear my original story, how I survive and thrive in a culture that sometimes seems like it has lost its humanity.  For decades I have served the community teaching music and dance classes. I have and continue to work with at risk youth and children in Special Education. I have supported and built community and it has been hard and rewarding work. However, my community work as an Afro-Cuban Folkloric Artist and a teacher do not provide me with many opportunities to speak about my music and my life.

Truth is, I could wait indefinitely to be heard; but I won't. Now is the time.